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Recovery Herbal + Full-Spectrum CBD Anti-Inflammatory Gummies

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Promote better and faster recovery.


Our herbal infused gummies include ingredients known to help reduce pain and inflammation, and help you recover from vigorous stresses on the body.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties from Turmeric, black seed oil, and ginger oil
  • Natural caramel and apple flavors
  • With 10 mg Full Spectrum CBD per gummy


     ✔  Fast, Free US shipping on orders $29 and up

     ✔  Discounts for subscriptions and bulk orders

     ✔  Cancel subscriptions, anytime

     ✔  60-day return policy


✔ Fast, Free US shipping on orders $29 and up

✔ Discounts for subscriptions and bulk orders

✔ Cancel subscriptions, anytime

✔ 60-day return policy

Diet Friendly:

Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo

Recovery gummies contain:

NO Gluten, NO Eggs, NO Dairy, NO Nuts, NO Gelatin, No Herbicides, NO Pesticides and are Non GMO

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in

30 for $21.95 – Best for starting a new daily healthy habit, 60 for $41.95 – Best for 2 daily consumers or increased usage, 120 for $79.95 – Best for increased usage and for sharing


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7 reviews for Recovery Herbal + Full-Spectrum CBD Anti-Inflammatory Gummies

  1. Rohit

    Good Quality Product

  2. David Dunbar

    I have been taking “Recovery” for several months now. I purchased the product for inflammation/pain in my knee from years of construction labor. The “Recovery” has done wonders for me…no more pain and no more swelling. The bonus is the product tastes great…it’s hard not to pop a few at a time like they’re a snack/treat just because they taste good but I don’t want to go through them too quickly.

  3. Dolores Huerta

    I ordered the 120 count to save money per gummie and got 4 thirty packs. The bags are too small and hard for me to open. Taste fine if I can get the bag open.

  4. Ana S.

    I have been taking Recovery for 3 months and noticed a huge difference in the next day recovery – not sore at all in my joints or knees from hard cardio running. Next day recovery is amazing, I feel like I’m in my 20s:)

  5. Trevor H

    I train very hard in Jiu Jitsu and also strength train at the Gym… Recovery is a staple after every workout, the blend definitely helps with inflammation and soreness. I could feel a difference in the first week of taking them. After every-workout I take 2 Gummies. The result were so good for me. I like the bags, easy to through in a gym bag or take with me on travels. I also purchased a monthly subscription for my Father who has a bad back, he swears by the Recovery.

  6. Kasey

    THESE HAVE SAVED ME! I was suffering some pretty terrible knee pain from arthritis and a lack of cartilage and the pain pills the Dr gave me did a number on my kidneys. I have tried multiple different CBD gummies and none have really worked for me until these! I AM SHOCKED!! These are so amazing! If I take one every 4-5 hours I have almost no pain at all. Better relief than the pain pills actually! I am so happy to have found something that works! The sleep gummies are also AMAZING!

  7. Madeline M.

    These gummies have been great for helping with typical muscle soreness after a hard run or workout. I like the caramel apple flavor too–it’s sweet but not too sweet.

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