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Do you love Rado Life products so much that you want to tell people about them? Spread the Rado Life love and earn cash or store credit for referring new sales.

Rado Life

Our Mission

Rado Life, the company, was born from the peace of Colorado that we take with us wherever we venture, and to each product we deliver right to your door.

Our sole purpose is to enhance your lifestyle by offering great tasting, high quality, natural wellness alternatives. With ingredients hand picked from the fields of Colorado, to the mountains of Peru, each product is crafted with intention so you can experience greater peace, power, and well being.

Live with purpose, Live the Rado Life.

How It Works


Apply To Join

  • Fill out the application form, enter links to any social media accounts you’d like to share, and let us know how you plan to promote Rado Life
  • Once accepted, get your unique tracking link
  • View your affiliate panel to track referred visits and orders, and payouts


Share With Your Audience

  • Share your tracking link with your audience
  • Get access to Rado Life banners, media, and other documents to help you best promote Rado Life
  • Get notified about new products before they’re available to the general public


Earnings And Commissions

  • When a customer checks out using your referral link or your coupon code you’ll earn 20% of their order value, right from your first referred sale
  • Sign up additional affiliates and get a 5% commission on orders they refer
  • Continue to earn commissions each month on subscription orders
  • You can request payout after as little as $1 earned

What Rado Life Affiliates Are Saying

  Commissions are fantastic and Patrick and the whole team are super helpful – their desire to help their customers and their affiliates shines through!
  I love the products and love referring them to everybody I know. The links work great and affiliate payouts are very competitive.
  There’s so much interest in CBD and Rado Life has great tasting gummies so everybody I’ve referred has loved the products and have been very satisfied.


What is the commission structure?

We’re proud to offer an extremely competitive affiliate program structure. Rado Life affiliates receive 20% commission on sales they refer using their affiliate information. Unlike many other affiliate programs, there is no monthly, yearly, or any renewal!

What is the cookie duration?

Cookies expire after 30 days. If a customer buys after clicking your link within 30 days and becomes a paying Rado Life customer, that qualifies for a commission! Commissions are paid on a last-click basis, so you must be the last touch point before the user signed up.

What if a customer signs up for a subscription?

Subscriptions earn the full referral commission each month in the first year. After 12 months of subscription, the affiliate continues to earn a commission, however, it will drop 50% from the initial subscription commission.

Does Rado Life offer any incentives to refer additional affiliates?

Yes, we offer a two-tiered affiliate structure. If you refer someone (using your affiliate referral link) who gets accepted into our affiliate program, you will receive a 5% commission from any sales the referred affiliate generates.

Can I cloak the affiliate link in some way so it doesn’t look like an affiliate link?

Yes, you may use something like ThirstyAffiliates or PrettyLinks to cloak your affiliate link.

Are there any disallowed traffic sources?
  • We don’t allow email list rental. Please don’t send emails to anyone who has not double opted-in.
  • No bidding on any PPC sites
  • You are not allowed to incentivize purchases with any kinds of rewards (e.g., sharing your commission with the person who buys)
  • No use of sub-affiliate networks
Can I use my affiliate’s discount to make purchases at your store?

Yes. Feel free to use your own affiliate link when you make purchases from This is a great way to get a 20% discount even when we’re not running a promotion.

How do I generate my affiliated links?

To generate a unique affiliate link, please go to Link Generator and enter an URL of your choice. When you click on Generate your unique link will be displayed.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for all affiliates is $1. We no longer require a $100 minimum payout.

How can I receive payment?

We currently allow our affiliates to receive payments using Bank Transfer (SWIFT), Google Wallet, Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle. We plan to offer store credit in the future and will make updates to this list accordingly.

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