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Lemon Lavender Nighty Night Sleep Gummy - with CBD Isolate

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*This product is part of our Exploratory collection. We experimented with a new formula for our best selling  Nighty Night gummies and it didn’t meet our high standards so…Our loss is your gain! We’re offering this item at a steep discount – 33% off.


If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck for high-quality CBD isolate, look no further.


Our herbal-infused lemon lavender nighty night gummies are formulated to help induce sleepiness, calm the nerves, and prolong REM cycles.


  • 60 gummies per package
    • One-time: Only .47/gummy
    • Subscription: Only .42/gummy
  • Ingredients:
    • Proprietary blend of hops extract, chamomile extract, ashwagandha paste, and blackseed oil
    • CBD Isolate
      • 50 mg per gummy – that’s twice as much CBD as our regular formula!
      • 3,000 mg per package
      • Little to no THC in CBD isolate – this is a great alternative to our regular Nighty Night formula which uses Full-Spectrum CBD if you’re looking to avoid THC
  • Flavor:
    • Natural lemon lavender – if you love floral, you’ll love this gummy
  • Sweetened with high fructose corn syrup – our regular line avoids HFCS and will continue to do so with these, we were able to avoid the sugar coating on top
  • Recommended use:
    • Chew one – two gummies approximately 30 – 60 minutes before bedtime


Original formula: Passion Fruit Nighty Night Sleep Gummies


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✔ Fast, Free US shipping on orders $29 and up

✔ Discounts for subscriptions and bulk orders

✔ Cancel subscriptions, anytime

✔ 60-day return policy

Lemon Lavender Nighty Night Ingredients

Quick Facts:
Our CBD is sourced from Colorado-grown hemp that goes through rigorous third party testing to ensure there are no pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, or microbiological organisms.

The 2018 Federal Hemp Farm bill opened the door for CBD sales nationwide. While some states have added various restrictions on use and sale of CBD, it is completely federally legal and regulated.

Our products are made with either full spectrum CBD distillate or pure CBD isolate – the difference is that the full spectrum CBD distillate contains all of the minor cannabinoids found on the hemp plant to include up to the federal legal limit of 0.3% THC while CBD Isolate is a pure form of CBD containing zero THC.

CBD is non-intoxicating and will not get you high like THC will.

CBD isolates contain little to no THC – virtually zero.

THC is the compound in marijuana that causes a high – CBD can actually inhibit the effects of THC and may help to lessen the high.

CBD is an organic compound that is non habit forming and non psychoactive, making it a great alternative to harsher, more addictive medications.

We source the highest quality herbs available Our non-CBD formulas contain nearly 2x as much herbal blend

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in
Bag Quantity

Single Bag


Same great price for both our CBD and non-CBD gummies!

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