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CBD for Sleep

Many consumers choose CBD over other products to improve their sleep quality. Studies show the potential of hemp oil with a phytocannabinoid-rich formula might help individuals fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Research indicates these improvements in quality come from a quieter mind and happier body. 

When joints and muscles aren’t sore from a long day or a challenging workout, and your mind isn’t clouded with thoughts of tomorrow, sleep comes easily. People of all ages enjoy a natural option for a good night’s rest. One key to wellness is to get seven to nine hours of quality sleep nightly. CBD gummies have the potential to help you reach that goal. 

One study makes a clear connection between the two. 

“The higher doses of CBD that studies suggest are therapeutic for anxiety, insomnia, and epilepsy may also increase mental sedation.”

Another CBD benefit from the hemp plant is how you feel in the morning. Testimonials show when you choose CBD for sleep, you wake up refreshed. Many products on the market, including prescriptions, leave consumers groggy in the morning. Skip the medication hangover and start your day right with CBD gummies before bed at night.